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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Late Report from WorldCon

Had a fabu time at WorldCon (the 65th World Science Fiction Convention, held this year in Anaheim, California, practically in my backyard). Was sinfully indulgent, having a room to myself part of the time (though part of the time I shared it with the Alien from our Masquerade entry). Was on a blurt-load of panels, which I love--I get to show off my costumes, have people pay attention to me and listen to what I say, and get to shoot off my mouth on several topics on which I know a little more than the average bear--what's not to like? The Cassini Science talk went well, and I think the Inside Cassini panel did too--several of my co-workers came to the con, too, and we talked about what it is like to work on a space mission, Cassini in particular.

The parties, at which I drank heavily (well, heavily for me; a friend recently said that I get snockered just smelling the cork), were great, though I swear it was like Hogwarts; the rooms kept moving. If we were trying to find a party, it was nowhere to be found; once we managed to locate it, we couldn't get AWAY from it. But, maybe that was due to the alcohol.....

Our entry in the Masquerade went well--Thomas' smoke machine worked wonderfully! And everyone laughed in all the right places, so hey! That's all you can ask for, especially in a competition that tough. Some truly amazing entries.

Was interviewed by several people while wearing "Yeoman Rand" (sans belly) the day after the Masquerade, including the woman from NPR's Marketplace--who never even bothered to ask what I did for a living. Amusing. Hope she Googled me, though she'll probably think it's someone else of the same name......


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