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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Warhol Moment

Squeeee! SpaceGrrl is finally up!

Last year at WorldCon, I was interviewed by Brad, who is doing a project for Yahoo! on, basically, sub-cultures. I had heard about him through costumers, as that was one group he was interested in profiling, and, from what I could see, he was willing to deal fairly with us, not point and shout, "Eeewww! Look at the freaks! Aren't they funny?" which is what SF fandom and costuming have come to expect from most outside the community. Then, I happened to run into him at WorldCon, while I was dressed as Yeoman Rand, and while he was making this video (you may have to refresh a few times, to get past the ads; and you might want to try different browsers. Netscape doesn't seem to ever go to the video after the commercials, though Safari does.). He decided to do a video on me alone, as well as including me in the one about fandom as a whole.

First, I'm so relieved that I don't look like an idiot. (After talking and emailing with him, I wasn't worried about Brad, just self-conscious that I'd look like a dork, despite anything he could do.) Second, I think I come off pretty well in both videos, and got a huge ego-boo out of watching them. (O.K., I'm vain; I know, you would never have guessed.) And the kicker of it is, I had email from Brad a week or so ago letting me know that the site was going live soon, but I didn't hear about it actually being up from him--a friend of mine saw an ad on Yahoo, and said, "Hey, that looks a lot like Bridget...." and followed the links, then sent me a note. (Hi, Craig! And thanks!) Ain't nuthin like viral propagation on the 'net!

Anyway, I'm jazzed that the videos are up, and will be interested to see if any of my other friends stumble across it and let me know.

P.S.(Just a note: I didn't intentionally channel Jodie Foster from"Contact", but it kinda looks like that in the video....)


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