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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One of Those Days

Many years ago, when I was a little baby undergrad, I was having a really lousy day. I don't remember in particular what had gone wrong, but I remember clearly the feeling that the Universe(tm) was out to get me. I was changing for a dance class and more things were going wrong, when I whined rather pompously, "If ONE more thing goes wrong, I'm going home!"

Well, of course, you know what happens when you throw down a gauntlet like that to the Universe(tm). In this case, what happened was this: my wallet, which was in the back pocket of my corduroys, picked that moment to leap out of said pocket--and into the toilet next to me. Now, when the Universe(tm) says "Nyah!" to you that loudly, you just have to laugh. Which I did, and the whole rest of the day went better.

Well, I had a similar sort of day last week, with one startling difference: I started laughing from the very beginning. One thing after another went wrong, and I just kept laughing; sometimes ruefully, sometimes disbelievingly, but usually with at least some genuine humor involved.

The good news is, I'm sure it's a lot easier on my system to laugh at these things than to stomp around in a snit, the way I used to.

The bad news is, I'm still having those sorts of days, and laughing no longer re-routes them.



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