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Thursday, August 23, 2007

From the Dungeon

The building I work in is currently undergoing a remodel. In particular, the area where missions are run from is being extensively reworked (think jackhammers, arc welding and asbestos removal). Along the way, they are taking the opportunity to repaint and re-carpet.

Now, this is all well and good. I'm sure the building could use a little sprucing up. However, the color choices were made on the basis of what would make the huge (4 x 5 foo-ish) prints of images from various space missions look good. And let me just briefly explain that the only glass to the outside world on any floor of this building is in the doors on various levels. (one set of doors/level)That gives you the info to truly appreciate it when I tell you that they are painting the walls dark grey and putting in black carpeting.

I admit, they are not doing this in the actual spaces in which we work; it is just in the hallways that we have to traverse to get to and from our offices. And to and from the conference rooms. And to and from the bathrooms. Basically, to get anywhere but to the copier and the fridge. Ya know, we all thought this building was dark before this; I suspect we haven't seen anything yet. (And won't in the future, unless we have excellent night vision.)

Someone suggested putting up portholes, with pictures of tropical islands behind them (the grey is darker than battleship grey, but it feels similar). My impulse is to come in some night with black paint and paint in the blocks of a dungeon wall, complete with cobwebs and dripping water.....


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